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Field of Practice

Baba & Associates are providers of general business legal services and consultation both to Syrian and International commercial clients. We practice consultation and services in the following categories:

Baba & Associates provides legal services in the fields of commercial law, business law, tax law and other fields of practice such as labor law, rent law, permits, arbitration, litigation, and insurance.

In Commercial and Business law, Baba & Associates offers consultations and advisory services to clients, helping them establish various types of companies namely general partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability sole proprietorships, limited partnerships, joint-stock companies, and urban development companies. The firm also offers its legal services for deals and business of various sized private and public institutions.

When advising clients locally and internationally in terms of negotiations, arranging contracts, setting conditions for the execution of certain deals, Baba & Associates lawyers offer advice in a way to avoid conflicts before they arise. Many parties resort to the firm regularly so it assists them in the preliminary negotiation phase of a deal right up until its final stages. As a project develops, the firm’s lawyers set a general exhaustive strategy that meets both clients’ legal and operational needs.

Baba & Associates law firm is specialized in Investment Law, and offers legal advice and services in the fields of business and setting up industrial enterprises in line with Syrian laws, namely investment law No. /10/ of 1991 and the investment law No./18/ of 2021.

The firm has helped establish several industrial projects executed by major international companies in line with investment law No. /10/. It has also offered advice to Arab and foreign investors while investing in Qatar.

Baba & Associates also caters to individuals, building long-term relationships based on mutual trust. Clients can rest assured that everything important for them is being handled by professionals who are aware of their specific circumstances.

Baba & Associates is also specialized in the registration of trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights, in addition to offering several legal and non-legal services related to intellectual property protection.

The firm is proud to underline its support to many clients who were seeking advice in various topics related to intellectual property within local laws.

In addition to its operational and executional experience in registering, renovating and protecting intellectual property rights, the firm stays abreast of all happenings and amendments of legislations in force, and instantly informs clients of any changes that might affect their interests.

Baba & Associates law firm is experienced in the tax field be it for operations, deals, and disputes arising from it, in addition to expertise with international and local mergers, guarantees, financing and investment. The firm’s expertise also includes relevant dispute resolution.

Baba & Associates is ready to offer clients effective representation in Syria and abroad, in all types of traditional litigation, and alternative means of dispute resolution like arbitration. The firm follows up on client rights across all instances. It even represents client in international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution instances in Europe and the Middle East.

Baba & Associates has a wide experience in the field of civil litigation that implies highly complex commercial relations. It has the capacity to successfully represent businesses of various levels, from local companies and major business giants to small-sized and individual establishments.

Baba & Associates is ready to handle arbitration cases arising from commercial and civil conflicts whose parties convene to resort to arbitration. The law firm offers alternative dispute resolution services (arbitration and mediation) according to international standards of professionalism. It employs a team of arbitration experts under the guidance of Counsel Tawfeeq Baba, former Lord Chief Justice, to ensure services are delivered in line with the best international practices

The firm provides an advisory service to several major private banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries.

With the development of the financial market regulations and institutions in Syria, the firm is advising a number of financial services firms on their establishment and operation under the Syrian Law. 

Further, the firm is a pioneer in advising on microfinance related issues starting from reviewing and commenting the new Syrian Microfinance legislations to assisting in establishing the first microfinance institution in Syria.

The firm is considered a leader in project finance transactions in Syria, with focus on particular market sectors including energy & oil, telecoms, construction, real estate, etc. Our finance practice covers the full range of international and domestic finance activities with particular emphasis on structured products, project finance, syndicated loans, M&As, public-private partnerships among others. 

We have represented a number of companies and other financial investors in domestic and international private equity transactions, project finance and loan facility transactions, mergers and acquisitions and other similar transactions. Clients draw up on the Firm’s full range of expertise in this field including, the selection of capital structures and the preparation and negotiation of acquisition documents, agreements among equity participants, debt and equity financing documentation, equity incentive plans and agreements, confidentiality and due diligence. Further, and through its consultancy arm, the Firm provides consulting services in the areas of private sector promotion and financial services development with focus on SME finance and microfinance as well as financial institutional building and financial sector reform to a number of international development agencies.

The firm undertakes work in most aspects of Corporate Practice. It is active in advising clients in connection with the formation and restructuring of companies and corporate joint ventures. It also handles a range of general corporate work including negotiation of shareholders agreements; preparation and drafting of complex commercial contracts; compliance with corporate legislation, business laws and laws relating to foreign investments in Syria.

Our Services cover the entire spectrum of company-related activity and transactions including incorporation, joint ventures, disposals, mergers and acquisitions. A high proportion of our corporate & commercial work involves a significant international element, and we act widely both for local and international corporate clients.

The firm has been advising a number of international corporations on anti-trust matters related to M&As, Economic Concentration, Market Dominance, Joint Purchase Arrangements, distribution arrangements and other FAQs in the field.

We have an extensive experience in all aspects of Syrian labour and Social Security Law. We advice our clients on issues relating to employment, unfair dismissals and other issues relating to labour law especially in relation to acquisitions or mergers. We have considerable experience in drafting employment contracts, internship & training agreements confidentiality agreements, HR manuals, non-competition clauses, and trade secret means of protection, in addition to advising employers on how to circumvent problems they face under Syrian Labour Law. We also represent employers on claims brought against former employees for breach of contract, unfair competition and breach of legal duties.

Working with a broad spectrum of private and public sector clients affords our firm an excellent knowledge of public and administrative law across the board. Our experience in procurement process in Syria dates back to the early years of our establishment not only as legal advisors and litigators, but also as legal and development consultants to the government and to international donors. The firm maintains its position as one of the premier law firms offering advice across the public law spectrum to commercial and regulated industry clients, keeping an eye on the commercial interests of our clients and in tune with the current economic and legislative climate. In public procurement litigation, the team has handled some of the most complex and difficult cases in this field and we pride ourselves with never having lost a case before the State Council.

Baba was one of the first law firms that was entrusted to set the BOT legal structure in Syria and has contributed in drafting various important BOT Agreements in the field of telecommunication, energy, tourism and real estate development.

The firm has developed its expertise, working with clients in the oil and energy sector and in other natural resources sector on a broad range of matters, including asset acquisitions and dispositions, project financing, operating agreements, regulatory issues, joint venture and participation transactions, general commercial advice, including opinions and interpretation of contracts and contracts drafting, resolution of corporate governance issues and providing independent counsel to Boards of Directors and dispute resolution and litigation of every description.

The firm provides commercial and regulatory advice on IT, e-commerce, telecoms and media. It has advised telecommunications operators on interconnection agreements, frequency allocations, license applications, and equipments leasing agreements.

The firm was the first law firm to establish and tackle the issue of real estate development in Syria vis-à-vis the Syrian legal framework of the real estate sector. 

Through working with real estate developers, we developed hands on experience in engineering procurement and construction and acquired experience in FIDIC consultancy and construction agreements. 

The firm is well acquainted with the pharmaceutical legal framework in Syria since the nineties and has particularly been involved in: 

  • Advising a multinational pharmaceutical company on their initial setup in Syria including drafting all necessary agreements and contracts and preparing all needed applications.
  • Establishing scientific offices of International Pharmaceutical firms Syria is governed by specifically Law No. 7 of 2005 and Decision No.36/T/2005 issued by Minister of Health. 
  • Drafting and advising on pharmaceutical license agreements 
  • Advising on the establishment of pharmaceutical industries
  • Registering medication at the Ministry of Health
  • Advising on the trade of pharmaceutical products (including the latest LD 24/2010)
  • Advising on the bar-coding system for pharmaceutical products at the Ministry of Health