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Baba & Associates, established in1967, is one of the largest integrated law firms in Syria providing a comprehensive range of specialist legal and consultation services to meet the needs of both domestic and international clients.
Since then, our guiding principles have been delivering high-quality, value added services to our clients customized to meet their business and legal needs.
In the year 1971 Mr. Tawfeek Baba was assigned as a Judge in Aleppo by the Syrian ministry of justice; he rotated between different juridical posts ending up as a president of the criminal chamber court of cassation. Following that he was promoted to the administrative law where he was assigned as a lord chief justice and head of the supreme administrative court.
Baba & Associates guarantees utmost confidentiality, as only a few employees are authorized to view clients’ files and documents at the office. Moreover, all working at the firm have signed non-disclosure agreements so as to prevent the disclosure of any sensitive information related to clients’ business. Baba & Associates also guarantees total transparency when it comes to the exchange of information, opinions, memos, and all documents.

Welcome to Baba & Associates website

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Baba & Associates was established in 1967 by Counsel Tawfeek Baba, and has ever since provided trust and security to all clients for a guaranteed success of their cases in line with legal standards and the requirements of justice and equity.

In early 1971, Counsel Tawfeek Baba was assigned as a Judge in Aleppo by the Syrian ministry of justice, followed by different major juridical posts, ending up as president of the criminal chamber of the court of cassation, before moving to the administrative law where he was assigned as a Lord Chief Justice at the supreme administrative court. Throughout his 10 years as head of said Court, he was assigned to handle contractual cases and look into and contribute to international arbitration cases.

Fields of Practice



Representing local and international companies before various public and private authorities.

Ensuring all processes are in place to receive all permits and authorizations required to start an investment project.

Acquiring pre-establishment documents and information.

Preparing economic and preliminary studies.

Offering advice to investors.